Clothing Labelling System



The Label Printing system is designed to your specific requirements to suit every labeling need you may have. The Label System consists of the following: *Thermal Printer *Keyboard Display Unit *Roll of labels *Indelible Thermal Ink Ribbon. You will find the system to be invaluable in labeling clothing, drapes, towels, slings, sheets and linen etc. Alternatively you may have other uses for the sticky labels apart from textile marking. The unique labels are printed using a thermal printer fitted with a ribbon specially impregnated laundry thermal ink which does not come out in the wash. Once printed, labels can then be heat sealed onto linen using a heat seal machine. The labels are sticky allowing you to place them in the correct position for heatsealing without the edges curling up. The labels once heat set will not come off in a normal wash or dryer. Labels are available in white 46 x 12 mm. Supplied in a roll of 1750 labels.

Keyboard Display Unit (This unit allows you to use the printer without a computer i.e. as a stand alone unit) • Retrieve stored forms and enter variable data via keyboard. The KDU features a two-line LCD display that prompts for input and makes it easy to print labels in a stand-alone mode. Designed for stand-alone printing applications • Retrieves stored forms • Prompts user from formats stored within printer

This F Heatsealer is ideal for label or patch application. The heat press also has fully digital time and temperature controls and features auto release technology.

• Heat controller accurately maintains and monitors pre-set platen temperature throughout working period

• Durable Silicon base pad and sprung base

• Ideal for small laundries, nursing homes and hospitals

• Portable or bench top application

• Robust construction

• Electronic Timer

• Voltage- 240 volt AC, single phase mains supply (standard wall socket)

Lower platen is only 3″ from work space Auto sleep mode Patented Magnetic Assist Lock Down Patented Magnetic Auto Open Digital controls for temperature and time w ith auto release Twin Timer™ for programming two independent time settings Auto reset timer and LED readout Digital time, temperature and pressure readout Space-saving clamshell design Built in pressure sensor Floatational heat platen Teflon coated heater – stress relieved to prevent warping Automatic timer Cast-in tubular heating element every (5cm), eliminating cold spots Push button controls Heavy duty design Scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish


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